We'll Sell Your Collection

Have a Zippo or Zippo Collection you'd like to sell?
Do you have a Zippo sitting in a box or desk drawer in your house and may be unsure of its value? Not sure how to navigate eBay to sell that Zippo?  Perhaps you have an entire collection you'd like to sell and could use some extra cash. 
Give us a call at 913-440-0662 and we can talk about selling these for you.  We have great connections in the Zippo collecting community, have been selling online for many years and can get top dollar for your Zippo or Zippo collection. 
How it works:
  • Give us a phone call at 913-440-0662 or email info@zlighters.com
  • Send quality photos of your Zippo or collection to info@zlighters.com
  • If you wish to sell them via Pinuplighters.com or our eBay store, ship to:
    • ZLighters c/o Vickie, P. O. Box 3402, Olathe, KS  66063
  • ZLighters will post listing as a featured item or for an extra fee item will post on eBay
  • Once item (or items) sells, Pinup Lighters ships them for you to the customer
You receive a money order or Paypal transfer for the sale, less agreed-upon commission, Paypal fee and shipping cost.

We will need a rough idea of the following:
  • How many Zippos (or other brand name lighters) do you wish to sell?
  • Condition of your Zippo(s)?
  • Can you determine the dates of your Zippo(s)?

If you'd rather not ship your items to be sold, we can put you in touch with a lighter expert in your area. Most times they can give you a rough estimate on value and may outright purchase your collection!

Click here to contact us.